Identità-Pellegrinaggio all´amore

A dance theater from Yvonne Pouget

World Premiere: Oktober 29th 2009, in Munich / Germany

Dates 2014: 14+ 15 Feb. 2014 Munich/Germany, i-camp
28. Feb. 2014 Taranto/ Italy, Auditorium Tatà,
70ª Stagione Concertistica degli Amici della Musica “Arcangelo Speranza” di Taranto

Idea/ Stage Direction /Choreography / Dance: Yvonne Pouget
Dance: Katharina Neuweg, Damien Liger
Tenor / Acting: Pino De Vittorio (Italy)
Chitarra Battente: Marcello Vitale (Italy)
Sculptures/ Set: Hélène Yousse (Spain)
Lightning Desing: Rainer Ludwig

  • About the play
    The poetical transformation of a theater laboratory using the the original meaning of a south Italian Pizzica Tarantella Ritual for trauma healing to show the effects of the passing on of war traumata to the next generation.
    For the produktion Yvonne Pouget could win an exquiste ensemble of international etablished artists of various categories. Together with the sculptress Hélène Yousse (Spain), the singer and actor Pino De Vittorio (Italy), the Chitarra-Battente-virtuoso Marcello Vitale (Italy), the dancers Katharina Neuweg and Damien Liger she kidnapes her audience into a intoxicating world of Sensuality, into a theatre dream in which breathe the soul of south Italy and logical understanding is unnecessary, touching the audience with each sound and gesture of performance. Bevor Identità Pouget allready made two produktion about the topic of post-traumatic stress dissorder. She is meanwhile the respected artistic expert for the transversion of the topics of surviving and trauma on stage. With her unique „bodylanguage of poetry“ she achieve deeply moving poetical transformation on stage: the world of the stage makes possible on what reality fail: the soul gets grant do build wings.

    Identita Identita
    Identita Identita
    Identita Identita
    Identita Identita
    Identita Identita
    Identita Identita

    People allways thing that a „Tarantella“ is only folkloristic music from south Italy, a form of dance music. Butt this is a missunderstanding. Pouget want´s to realise a dance theater about what a „Pizzica Tarantella“ original is, to ephasize the heeling powert of this form of music. She wished to help that this important knowledge doe´s not get lost. PIno De Vittorio is a very important preserver of the autentic music from South Italy, and his interpretations of Tarantella music are unique. His interpretations are the essenz of original Tarantella music. His voice contains the power of this old music, the healing power. To bring a transformed poetic version of a “Pizzica Tarantella” on stage of course she had to work with Pino De Vittorio.


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