Hoch oben weites Blau

A dance theater from Yvonne Pouget

World Premiere: June 26th 2008, in Munich / Germany

Yvonne Pouget: Idea/ Stage Direction /Choreography / Dance
Hélène Yousse: Sculptures/ Set (Spain)
Giacomo Di Benedetto: Tenor / Acting
Sophie Abrioux: Dance
Thierry Paré: Dance
Anja Uhlig: Video
Rainer Ludwig: Lightning Design

In “Hoch Oben Weites Blau” Pouget conjoin her own oratorical creation of tableau with the sculptures of the international respected sculptress Hélène Yousse (Spain) which created the set. Hélène Yousse, like Pouget, works unapologetically and without a safety net. There is a rigour and tension in her sculptures, and a tension born of unbearable pain. In „Hoch oben weites Blau“ this unusual artistic alliance is complemented by dancers Sophie Abrioux and Thierry Paré, who manage to gracefully incorporate and communicate Pouget’s powerful choreographic language. Video artist Anja Uhlig provides yet another textured dimension for the work, as does Sicilian-born singer/actor Giacomo Di Benedetto. Di Benedetto´s dedication to translating the complexities of Pouget’s choreographie to song is both extraordinary and moving.

Identita Identita
Identita Identita
Identita Identita
Identita Identita
Identita Identita
Identita Identita
Identita Identita

About the play
Choreographer Yvonne Pouget’s elected for her production, „Hoch oben weites Blau“ as the point of departure the disaster of the Russian submarine Pris As-28 , witch could be rescued after tree days on the seafloor, in August 2005. Five years earlier, the 118 aboard the Kursk weren’t so lucky.

Pouget created an inview what trauma means for the person affected, she makes it sensible and not only honors the surviving sailors, she also shines a light on the traumatized soldiers of World War I, the so-called „Kriegszitterer“, utilising insights of modern trauma research.

Pouget understands her work in this connection as an act of symboloc wish self fulfilment. her theater theatratralic produktions take up a spezial position inside the contemporary dance world. Her work reduces that on the outsinde visible to te very essence of human beeing.

Through her characteristic body language, Pouget transcends classical contemporary dance and expresses a form of symbolic wish-fulfillment. Focussing on small, subtile movements, she reduces the visible on its very essence. „Hoch oben weites Blau“ uses this „bodylanguage of poetry“ on pure for a metaphysic desire fulfilment: the world of the stage makes possible on what reality fail: the soul gets grant do build wings.

About Yvonne Pouget
resident in Munich/Germany rank among the established artists of the German Choreography and Dance scene and belongs to the most exciting choreographers all over Europe. Trained in Butoh, from Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda, she developed her own and unique “bodylanguage of poetry”. Pouget can currently propose full-length solo/ duet, and three different company productions. Her prolific dance productions have been successful at home and abroad. Artists like the baroque specialist Christoph Hammer, the Counter–tenor and Bayerische Kammersänger Christopher Robson the Tenor and Actor Pino De Vittorio as the chitarra battente virtuoso Marcello Vitale have enthusiastically collaborated with her. Pouget’s theatre productions are financially supported since 2000 by the Culture Ministry of the City of Munich. Yvonne Pouget has enormous stage presence and Prägnanz. She kidnaps her public, taking them into the intoxicating world of Sensuality. She realizes theatre dreams in which logical understanding is unnecessary, touching the audience with each sound and gesture of performance.


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